About This Site

I’m DJ DeGaetano, a flight instructor by day, and a general nerd of sorts by night.

Born in 1989, worked a bunch in I.T. before I got into aviation.  For now I’m working as a pilot for University Air Center and finishing up my Batchelor’s in Business from the University of Florida.

I made this website to serve as a sort of personal portfolio, creative outlet, & collection of random stuff that interests me.

Jax Approach Holds Meeting at GNV


30 seats, stop pissing of Jax and go register!


“Jacksonville Approach Control is hosting “Operation Raincheck” at the Gainesville Regional Airport. The meeting will run from 10:00am until 2:00pm. This is an opportunity for pilots that operate in Jacksonville Approach Control airspace to hear about and discuss with ATC Controllers recent procedural changes that have taken effect and those coming in the near future, ATC and pilot best practices followed by an open discussion period to address any questions.”

The Old DJD Net

Hey look, I found an old pixelated logo from my site from back in the day using The Wayback Machine.  I really loved doing web stuff then, but for some reason all the creativity was beaten out of me by life in my early 20s.  The good news is it seems to be coming back a bit.




I know, I know, this is a really dumb thing to put as a first post, but I need something to put on here.  I promise this site won’t be a bunch of copypasta. I’ll add some useful and original things once I get everything looking and working the way I want.   Until then…

Saw this on the Facebook feed today, one of funniest videos I’ve seen in awhile.  The story of a cursed pot smoking shark from The Key of Awesome.  Reminds me of the golden days of the internet… albinoblacksheep and ebaumsworld stuff.
Watch out for Jelly witches.